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Lyon Herron PMA Glove


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Lyon Herron embodied this mentality from an early age, long before founding Ly&Co. Born with a rare genetic mutation called Gardner's Syndrome, at age 4 Lyon had developed a golf ball-sized tumor in his hip. By 7, he had developed tens of thousands of cancerous polyps.

From there, it was colon cancer. Countless rounds of chemotherapy. Stem cell treatment. Healers in Brazil. A 6-pound desmoid tumor. 

All before the age of 15…

For many, Gardner’s Syndrome is a source of great suffering. One that spells the end of “normalcy.” To Lyon, his disease was a calling. One that empowered him to build mental fortitude and share this unshakable attitude with the world.  

In his battle, he found his voice.  

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Lyon took refuge in SoCal’s diverse elements. He engaged in creeds shared by people across the world—surfing, skating, snowboarding, and riding motorcycles.


It was in the sea, streets, snow, and sand he found community. And it was here he washed away the chemicals, doctors’ visits, and surgeries. Each terrain offered him solitude, away from fluorescent lights and hospital waiting rooms. Though the medical treatments helped Lyon survive, it was that powerful ebb and flow of these elements that gave him life. A life of sunshine, skating, and surfing... 

...the life of a normal SoCal kid

Multi-Use Glove: Motocross | BMX | MTB | Gripping & Ripping

The connection between you and your bars, there is nothing more important than feel. Sublimated four-way stretch twill spandex upper paired with a single layer Clarino palm make for the best fit on the market. Less is more with this Minimalistic multiple use glove. Taking that all-important Insta pic or punching out a quick text has never been easier on the track or trails with conductive thread in the index finger and thumb make sure you #FISTARMY to share with your people.


  • Minimalistic lightweight design for maximum performance and feel
  • Sublimated 4-way stretch twill spandex upper featuring full breathability and supreme comfort
  • Single Layer Clarino* palm for maximum feel and control
  • Spandex finger gussets for ultimate flexibility and dexterity
  • Touch Screen conductive index finger and thumb
  • Custom FIST closure offers a broad range of adjustment to keep your gloves secured just how you like them